Sunday, November 20, 2011

5 months and then some..

Wow, I am so behind. Here is Halle's 5 month photo. These photos came out amazing because girlfriend got a 2 hour nap right before the shoot. This is one of two costumes our lucky little girl wore for Halloween.

So much has happened since my last post. We have been experimenting with baby food. Barely sleeping. Walked in honor of our Angel boys Aiden and Shane. Went trick or treating for the first time. First trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Sitting up like a big girl now. Rolling consistently from back to belly and back again. So much has happened during the 4th and 5th month for this busy girl.

First taste of rice cereal.

Walking in memory of Halle's cousin Shane and Aiden.

Halle and Papi at the Pumpkin Patch.

Our cute little ghoul.

First Pumpkin Carving.

Trick or Treating with Papi on Main St.

Sleepy bug.

Welcomed Halle's beautiful cousin Lil Kevie into this world on Nov. 1st!!

Sitting up, like big girls do!

Just being a goofy girl!

So much has happened recently and so many more firsts to come in the near future. I can't believe we are approaching the 6 month mark! It's been a half a year since our monkey enter our world and man has she rocked it!!

Until next week ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

4 months and drooling..

Halle J is 4 months today!! She has her 4 month appointment next week and will weigh in then.

This months photo shoot was taken laying down because all little miss wanted to do was eat her dress. So she had a little trouble not falling down while sitting up.

Halle is now rolling back to belly. Still having trouble rolling belly to back. She is also smiling and laughing with the best of them. She continues to be very vocal and is clearly the boss in this house hold. She will grab anything you hold out in front of her and is beginning to explore her toys more. Halle is flexible enough to get her feet in her mouth and next to her bottle this is favorite thing. She also gets very excited when she sees her food and will try her best to assist whoever is going to feed her in getting the bottle into her mouth as fast as she can! She is a seriously funny little girl. So curious and aware now. I can't believe it has been four months.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dear Shane

Halle and her cousin Shane's Mickey Mouse!

Dear Shane,
We celebrated your first birthday with your Mommy and Daddy yesterday. I can't believe it's been a year since you were born, little man. I remember talking to your Mom the day before and she was so excited knowing that she would be going in the next morning and finally getting to meet her little boy. I remember your Mom had a great epidural so I was able to text her through most of her labor. If it weren't for work I would have been there to meet you, little guy. I was waiting all day for your Mommy or Daddy or one of your grandparents to call to let us know you were finally here. When she finally called me, it wasn't the phone call I anticipated. She was extremely worried about you. We had a series of phone calls over the next day but the one thing I remember so vividly is the way that she spoke of you. From her description, you were literally the cutest, most precious little boy there ever was. I had never heard your Mom speak of anyone the way she talked about you. She spoke of you with the most pride and love. She loves you more than anything in this world and it was so evident in her voice during those phone calls. She told me you were a big little guy. You were mellow and strong. You were stubborn, yet you never got frustrated and cried. You were so brave when you went into surgery and so strong to make it through such an intense surgery at only one day old. However, the recovery was too much for your special heart to take. I will never forget that series of phone calls. They are burnt in my brain.

I love looking at your pictures and showing them to your cousin Halle. You are an amazing little boy, who is an inspiration to so many. In your short sweet life you have touched so many lives. Your Mom and Dad are so proud of you and have done so much in your name. Your foundation is beautiful and will change the lives of so many little babies and their families. I know you and Aiden are watching over all of us but just know we miss you every day. We love you more than most things in this world and we will forever talk about you beautiful boys. All of your Estremera cousins will always talk about their big Cousins in the sky.

Happy birthday baby boy, we love you so much!!!

Uncle Arce, Auntie Heidi and Cousin Halle

Friday, August 26, 2011

3 months young..

Beautiful girl is 3 months old and getting so big!

This last month we have gotten a lot more smiles and just the last two days REAL laughs!! They are extremely hard to elicit but Arce and I have both witnessed them. Can't wait for them to occur more often. Our sweet girl has not rolled over yet but she does roll side to side. She also has amazing neck and head control for hating tummy time. She started Daycare and I started back at work this last week and we both survived! Yay.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dear Aiden

Dear Aiden,
Yesterday we celebrated your first birthday in Heaven and today we will continue your beautiful celebration. I never imagined that this would be how we would celebrate your first birthday. I always imagined a MONSTER of a party. Even though it was much different than we all imagined it was still a beautiful celebration of one of Heaven's sweetest Angels. I can't believe it has been a year since I saw your sweet face for the first time. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I remember kissing your forehead and holding your sweet little hands. You were far too perfect for this imperfect world and taken all too soon but the imprint you have left on so many hearts is farther reaching than you will ever know. Your parents love you so much little man, they are two of the strongest people I know. They have taught me so much about strength and courage. I think about you and you best buddy Shane multiple times a day, my two Angel nephews. I show your cousin Halle your pictures all the time and I tell her of sweet cousins that are looking down on her. You will always be a name highly spoken of in our home. We will always remember how much you look just like your Daddy and your beautiful firey red hair. There are so many things that remind me of you and I am so grateful to think of you every time I see a butterfly or a cute little monster. Please continue to visit your parents and show them that you are ok. We all miss you so much and love you more than you will ever know.

Happy first birthday baby boy! We love you so much!!
Auntie Heidi, Uncle Arce and Cousin Halle

Halle loves her cousin!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weighing in...

Our beautiful girl had her 2 month check up today and she weighs 14lbs ((97%tile)) 23inches ((75%tile)). She also got her shots. It definitely took me longer to recover than her. Luckily her Papi was able to be strong for both of us! She is doing good now just cranky and sleepy!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

2 months..

Little Miss is 2 months old today! She had a growth spurt last week, so it will definitely be interesting to see what she weighs at her 2 month appointment on Wednesday!

I thought I would list all the new and wonderful things Miss Halle has taught me over the last 2 months:
1. Sleep is IMPORTANT; however, it is scarce most of the time. 6 hours straight is a heaven sent!
2. The first couple weeks of caring for a newborn are FREAKING hard. I knew it wouldn't be easy but hormones paired with minimal sleep paired with a crying baby is enough to get any committed to the looney bin.
3. Poop is exciting! I never would have guessed that a common topic of conversations between Arce and I would be about Halle's poop. From whether or not the bomb was dropped today to the color and consistency. And there are often times when I get excited that she poops.
4. Showering is a luxury. I have mastered the 3 minute shower. Thank god for dry shampoo and pony tails. I am fully capable of reaching my legs and shaving them now; however, who has the time. I cherish my weekend 10 minute showers now.
5. She may only weigh 10 pounds but she makes the rules. Our life style has definitely slowed down a ton since the little girl has gotten here but we have also had to turn down an event or two because Lil Miss was having a bad day.
6. When baby is sad, Mommy is sad. I have gotten so much better at tolerating her crying; however, when Halle has a BAD day, not only is she drained but so am I. This happened yesterday morning, we had visited with some friends the night before and she became very over stimulated but the symptoms didn't show up until we got home. She hardly slept and cried all morning. She was back to normal by noon but I took the rest of the day to recover. It's crazy how much I can feel her pain.
7. Anything she does is cute, except crying and not sleeping. Those aren't cute but pretty much everything else she does makes me laugh. Who knew spit bubbles could look so good.
8. Arce and I are now second rate citizens in our own home. Along the same lines of her making the rules, Arce and I are no longer allowed to think of ourselves. As much as we would like to lose our post baby weight right this instant, we have to work around what the baby needs. NOW I know why they only say to gain 25lbs, it's impossible to do anything but take care of the baby for the first couple months.
9. Even though she doesn't have words doesn't mean she can't yell at us. Halle is already yelling at Arce and I. She is going to be a very feisty teenager. What goes around comes around. My Mom and Dad are going to have many instances of "Hmmm that sounds familiar" I am sure.
10. Naps are the most efficient hour of the day ((If that..)) When Halle goes down for a nap a list runs through my head. What should I do? Shower, eat, fold laundry, sweep the floor. When I am able to get 3 things done during a nap. It is a good day.

We have learned so much over the last 2 months, I can only imagine what is to come.

Here are some out takes from Halle's 2 months photos: